Vindum Pump VP-25K Continuous Pulse-Free High Pressure Metering Pump

Vindum Pump VP-25K Continuous Pulse-Free High Pressure Metering Pump

Manufacturer: Vindum Engineering
Model Number: VP Series

VINDUM ENGINEERING proudly announces the new Vindum Pump* (VP‐25K), which offers
the best combination of PERFORMANCE—QUALITY—VALUE available today. The significant
advances offered by the VP‐25K come from an experienced development team with over 100
years of combined pump design experience, the use of latest technologies, and from
thousands of hours of development testing. The end‐result is a compact pump that sets a
new standard for performance, quality, and value.

– Ball screw drive for accuracy & longevity
– Pulse‐free continuous flow
– Constant‐Rate and Constant‐Pressure Modes
– USB communication
– Powerful and User‐friendly Operating System
– Stainless Steel or Hastelloy® wetted parts
– Specifications (VP‐25K):
0.0001ml/min up to 12 ml/min
Up to 25,000 psi (1724 bar) ->
19″ x 6″ x 9″

– Integrated Vindum valves
– Integrated dual safety burst disks
– Simplified electronics and connections
– Designed for easy maintenance
– All‐internal flow paths
– All parts containing fluid can be removed as a unit, with fluid inside

– Lowest price (of HP continuous pulse‐free pumps)
– FREE software (with lifetime updates) included

Powerful Pump Software
– Configuration menu on single screen
– Control up to 4 pumps simultaneously
– Software included with pump purchase
– Labview VI Libraries included with pump purchase

*Patent Pending