Vindum MV Valve Mounting Grid

Manufacturer: Vindum Engineering
Model Number: MV-MG

The Vindum Modular Valve System (MVS) is designed to speed construction of laboratory high pressure fluid flow systems by offering valves, tees, and crosses that use a common footprint and connector height that can be easily installed on a “breadboard-style” mounting grid.

The Vindum Mounting Grid saves time and space when constructing flow systems:
• Threaded grid pattern fits both 1”x1” and 25mm x 25mm bolt patterns of the Vindum manual valves, tees, and crosses
• Solid anodized aluminum construction provides robust mounting platform without the need for valve mounting brackets
• Enables standardization of tubing lengths and shapes, saving space and time
• Mounting grid is available in either standard or user-specified dimensions to fit different applications