2-Phase Video Separator for Hi-Pressure, Hi-Temperature

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: VSE-700-2

The apparatus is designed to separate the two phase fluids produced from the core at reservoir conditions of pressure and temperatures. The separator consists of (1) a separation bore used to collect and separate produced fluids under gravity and (2) a measurement bore used to visualize the two phases fluid interface at reservoir conditions. The measurement bore consists of a through-window cell made of two windows mounted opposite each other to allow for sample visibility. Placing a light behind one window allows easy discernment of the two phases interface level. Measurement of produced fluids during the displacement test is performed with a video tracker. It is designed to detect the position of the fluid interface and determine the fluid phase volumes in the separator. The system comprises three high resolution cameras, a back lighting installed in the rear side of the separator and an imaging system for image capture via PC and high resolution monitor. The imaging software enables to detect automatically the fluid interface and determine the produced fluid volumes from the core and the changes in the core saturation.

Max pressure:    10,000 psi
Max temperature:    150 °C
Max volume change:  100 ml, option: 300 ml
Volume accuracy:   0.01 ml
Material:   Sapphire, Stainless steel, option: Titanium
Measurement resolution:  0.01 mm
Field of view:   100 mm
CDD colour camera: 2592 x 1944 pixels ( 5 Megapixels)
Lighting : 25 watts
Power:  110-220 VAC, 50 60 Hz

  • Self calibrated
  • Dual bore design which improves the accuracy by reducing effects of emulsions
  • Possibility to retrieve the experiments versus to eliminate uncertainties of the measurements in certain  circumstances