3-Phase Video Separator for Ambient Conditions

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: VSE-3-A

The video separator is a precision device used for separating and determining the oil, brine or gas volumes that are produced from a core sample during a three phase relative permeability test. It consists of a separation bore used for collecting and separating produced fluids under gravity and a measurement bore used for visualising three phases fluid at room conditions. The measurement bore consists of a glass tube to allow for sample visibility. Placing a light behind the tube allows easy discernment of the two interface levels (liquid/liquid and liquid/gas). Measurement of produced fluids during the displacement test is performed with two video cameras which monitors the position of the two interfaces of the three fluids produced from the core sample in the measurement bore of the separator. The position of the interface is directly proportional of the volumes of fluids produced from the core sample and so of the change in the core saturation. The high resolution cameras are equipped with integrated zoom and a back lighting installed in the rear side of the tube. The cameras are connected to the computer station so that the image of the fluid can be displayed and recorded on the PC. The video software incorporates facilities which enable to detect automatically the liquid/ liquid and gas/ liquid interface and so derive the volumes of produced fluids from the core and so the changes in the core saturation. The same system can be used for two phase applications. Other sizes of volume changes glassware are available.

Max pressure: Atmospheric pressure
Max temperature: up to 40 °C
Max volume change: 50 ml for liquid and 50 ml for liquid/gas (other upon request)
Volume accuracy: 0.01 ml
Material: Glassware
Measurement resolution: 0.02 mm
Field of view: 50 mm
CDD colour camera: 5 megapixels
Lighting: 20 watts
Power: 110/220 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz