3-Phase Video Separator for Hi-Pressure, Hi-Temperature

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: VSE-700-3

The three phase visual separator is a unique tool available on the market capable of separating, visualizing and measuring the heights of water/oil and oil/gas interfaces so as to determine the produced liquids and gases from core flooding experiments under reservoir conditions. The device consists of a two bore vessel and a computer controlled video system. The two bores are connected to each other. The first separator bore collects and separates the produced phases while the second visual measurement bore allows for the water/oil and oil/gas interfaces to be clearly observed. Three high resolution video cameras monitor in real time the produced phases and a computer station automatically determines and records the heights of the water/oil and oil/gas interfaces. Changes in core saturations versus time can be derived from these interface heights and stored in a data file for further treatment. These separators are available in stainless steel or titanium alloy materials.

Max pressure:    10,000 psi
Max temperature:    150 °C
Phase volume change:  100 ml
Phase volume accuracy:   0.01 ml
Material:   Sapphire, Stainless steel, option: Titanium
Field of view:   100 mm
CDD colour camera: 2592 x 1944 pixels ( 5 Megapixels)
Lighting : 25 watts
Power supply:  110-220 VAC, 50 60 Hz

  • The separator is a compact tool which can be easily installed into core flooding air baths.
  • The full visibility of the produced phases enables the end user to simultaneously get the phase   volume changes and the real time pictures of the water/oil and oil/gas interface heights. Cross checking between the actual images and calculated data is then possible.
  • The use of three high resolution cameras to monitor a total height of 10 cm of produced fluids allows for very accurate measurement of the interfaces and thus the volume changes.