Centrifugal Extractor

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: CE

The centrifugal extractor is designed to spray warm, clean solvent from a still against the core samples. The centrifugal force causes solvent to flow through samples displacing and extracting the oil (and water). The speed of rotation can be selected depending on the permeability and degree of consolidation of the core. Most common solvents can be used. A solvent recovery still is also provided to recycle clean and warm solvent into the centrifugal extractor in closed loop. Centrifugal Extractor : Rapid and efficient extraction of oil, water and salt from consolidated core samples Speed controller Rotor geometry to accomodate the core samples Solvent inlet and outlet Vibration free chassis Solvent recovery still : Solvent level windows Heated solvent flask Water refrigerant for solvent condensation Temperature controller

Core diameter: up to 2″
Core length: up to 3”
Quantity of sample: between 6 to 18 depending on the core length
Wetted materials: Stainless steel , teflon
Centrifuge speed: up to 3000 rpm
Electrical: 220V, 50Hz, 1500W