CO2 / Solvent Core Cleaner

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: CO2SCC

The core Cleaner is a device for cleaning crude oil, drilling mud liquids, and water from a single piece of whole core or from a batch of core plug samples. The principle consists of filling the gas filled space in the core with solvent (e.g. toluene) by surrounding the core with a suitable solvent containing dissolved CO2 gas and applying sufficient hydraulic pressure. The solvent mixes with oil in the core and subsequent depressurizing to atmospheric pressure removes residual oil from the core. A number of repeated cycles are required to clean the core of hydrocarbons. The apparatus fits into a standard size floor hood. The cleaning chamber is a pressure vessel which is heated electrically with an electrical heater enclosed in an explosion proof housing. The solvent is pumped from an on-board supply tank to the cleaning vessel with a high pressure pump. A cyclone separator with a stainless steel-packed, water-cooled after-cooler is provided to separate the CO2 and the used hot solvent when the vessel is drained. The used toluene drains into an explosion proof electric still where it is recovered and delivered back to the clean solvent supply. A coolant bath is provided to recirculate cold water around the cyclone to cool down the hot solvent, thus avoiding large consumption of water. The still operation is automatic. The process controls are housed in a non-explosion proof box intended to be mounted outside of the hood. A touch screen panel allows to operate the machine in manual and fully automated modes.

Vessel diameter: Model 1:4.6″ (118 mm) Model 2: 5.2″ (134 mm)
Vessel length: Model 1:10.7″ (274 mm) Model 2: 27″ (685 mm)
CO2 pressure: 200 psi
Solvent pressure: 1,000 psi
Wetted materials: 316 Stainless steel
Net weight: 500 kg
Required air: 100 psi
Electrical: 220V, 50Hz, 2,000 Watts