CoreScan3 Digital Core Imaging System

Manufacturer: DMT GmbH
Model Number: CoreScan3

The DMT CoreScan3 produces optical images of full circumference of drill core in true color with a resolution of up to 10 pixel/mm by scanning (details up to 40 pixel/mm). This imaging machine makes it possible to record and calibrate sections of drill core of 25 to 150 mm (slabbed up to 250 mm) diameter up to one meter in length in a single operation. Furthermore, core boxes up to 1050 x 640 mm are scanned in 1 image; larger boxes in 2 images. The scanning software matches to the system processes of the scanned data and generates a true color core image.

A portable core imaging device in combination with a set of analysis software developed for drill core image acquisition, storage and evaluation. Images of full circumference (360 degrees) and core boxes of any dimensions can be scanned and analyzed.

Getting the right answers fast is crucial to your success in exploration and site investigation projects. The brand new, portable DMT CoreScan can help you. This digital drill-core imaging system provides:

High-tech core-logging
Precise core imaging
Quantitative fracture analyses
Digital core library with global accessibility

  • Higher production rate owing to faster scanning process (1 m core in 20 seconds)
  • Completely new operating software with advanced features suitable for Windows XP, Vista and 7
  • No moving parts (except for rollers) minimizes any damage
  • Camera is 100% dustproof and waterproof
  • All electronics are fitted in a compartment which is fully dustproof and water resistant
  • Easy to remove drawer beneath the rollers collects dust and debris
  • Reduced handling of core limits the possible damage – 70 cm workspace between core and lamp / camera
  • Aperture need not be selected
  • Greater depth of field
  • Better image quality with improved color saturation and distribution
  • No stitching within one image required
  • Less prone to fluctuating light conditions
  • Core boxes of any dimensions can be scanned. Core boxes up to 105 x 64 cm are scanned in one image. Five foot core boxes are scanned in two images, which are subsequently stitched together
  • Exploration drilling for oil, gas, coal and industrial mineral deposits
  • Sedimentological investigations
  • Structural investigations
  • Scientific drilling projects
  • Site investigation for geothermal energy projects
  • Site investigation for final disposal of radioactive waste
  • Site investigation for geotechnical applications, such as rail and road routes
  • Geological investigation of underground storage facilities for oil and gas


  • Applicable on any core drilling project
  • Portable stand alone system
  • Online global accessibility of core images
  • Digital drill core library
  • Structure analysis and presentation
  • Analysis of mineral content
  • Determination of grain size distribution
  • Derivation of geomechanical parameters (RQD)


  • Selling and leasing of the CoreScan system
  • Training of the CoreScan system
  • Scanning of drill cores
  • Re-orientation of the drill core log according to borehole inclination and deviation
  • Structural and petrographical analysis of drill cores


  • Scanning of drill cores up to 300 m per day
  • Creation of a digital drill core library with quick search functions
  • Re-orientation of the drill core log according to borehole inclination and deviation
  • Structural analysis of drill cores and presentation (stereographic projection)
  • Special routine for structural analysis of heavily broken drill cores
  • Derivation of geomechanical parameters (RQD 10, 20, 30), fracture density, fracture distance

Evaluation Software

  • Length: 1.36 m, depth: 0.75 m, height: 1.28 m, weight: 128 kg
  • Electric power supply: voltage 110 VAC – 250 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz; power (pmax) 500 VA
  • Core length: up to 1 m (full circumference and cores slabs)
  • Core diameter: 25 to 150 mm (unrolled core), up to 250 mm (in slabs)
  • Resolution: 5, 10 and 40 pixel/mm (127, 250 and 1000 dpi)
  • Maximal image size: 1050 x 640 mm
  • Maximal size for images of core boxes: 1800 x 640 mm or 1050 x 1000 mm
  • Data storage: as BMP, TIF, PNG or JPG file on DVD, hard disk or server
  • Digital camera: CCD color camera, 3x 10,000 pixels, 24 bits per pixel
  • Laptop requirements: Intel dual core CPU > 1.6 GHz, 3 GB RAM, HDD > 250 GB, Ethernet interface (100 MB/s), MS Windows Vista, 32 bit or MS Windows 7, 32 bit (MS Windows XP possible)