Dynamic Scale Loop

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: SCALEVAL

The Scaleval apparatus, dynamic scale loop, is designed to study the precipitation and deposition of scale at reservoir and pipeline conditions of pressure and temperature. It is used to evaluate the efficiency of chemical inhibitors to prevent the formation of mineral scales such as calcium carbonate, calcium barium and barium sulfates. It allows to determine the minimum inhibitor concentration (MIC) required to prevent the deposition of scale and to perform comparative tests with different inhibitors in the same conditions. The system uses the principle of the tube blocking test which is an industry practice, to evaluate the minimum inhibitor concentration (i.e. MIC) in dynamic flow conditions at required temperature. Inhibitor efficiency is measured by the ratio of the time needed to block the tube in the presence of inhibitor divided by the time needed to block the tube without inhibitor.

Pressure: up to 6,000 psi
Fluid flow rate: up to 10 ml/min
Temperature accuracy: 0.1 °C
Material: Hastelloy, monel, PTFE
Power supply: 110 or 220 VAC – 50/60 Hz

  • Fully automated test
  • Can be used to evaluate scale inhibitors
  • Dynamic test which simulates pipelines conditions