Flexible EOR Coreflood System

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: CFS Series

The CFS series provides versatile facilities to carry out core flood and fluid flow tests studies at reservoir conditions of temperature and pressure. The core flood tests allow for the evaluation of various secondary and tertiary EOR tests, including waterflooding, polymer injection, ASP injection, miscible and immiscible gas flooding, microbial flooding, steam injection. Relative permeability at Swi and Sor, displacement efficiency and incremental oil recovery after implementing the EOR process can be determined. The coreflood system is built as per the end user's requirements. A number of modules can be used along with the standard configuration including HP-HT fluid separator, liquid and fraction collector, capillary sight glass, steam generator... Other features such as position of the core holder, material of wetted parts, number of pressure taps along the core sample, number of injection and recirculating pumps can be specifically defined to fit the EOR application.


  • Type of EOR test to be performed
  • Type of coreflood test (unsteady or/and steady test)
  • Confining pressure
  • Pore pressure
  • Maximum working temperature
  • Core diameter
  • Core length
  • Fluid flow rate
  • position of the coreholder
  • number of pressure taps
  • Wetted parts material
  • Number of coreholders
  • Method of measuring the produced fluid
  • Number of injection pumps
  • Number of accumulators
  • Number of mixers for accumulators