Gas Permeameter for Shales ‘Nanoperm’

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: Nanoperm

The computer-controlled Nanoperm instrument is specifically designed to precisely measure the ultra-low permeability (to Nitrogen) of very tight plug-sized rock samples from unconventional reservoirs, such as tight gas sandstones and gas shales. Permeability measurements are made using the steady state Darcy’s method at user-selectable confining pressures (from 400 psi to 10,000 psi). The instrument is designed for the injection of gas through cores at various pore pressures. The unit is also capable of measuring gas flow rates though the core as low as 10-6 cm3/sec to an accuracy of a few percent and can measure steady state gas permeability with a resolution of +/-0.1nD.r:

Permeability Range: 0.1 nD to 10 mD
Pore Pressure:
 10 to 500 psi
Confining pressure: 400 psi to 10,000 psi
Temperature: ambient
Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.1 °C
Pressure transducer accuracy: 0.15% F.S.
N2: 500 psi
Air: 100 psi (dry)
Power: 110-220 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz