GeoBath Wax Bath (for Core Plugs)

Manufacturer: Geofactory
Model Number: PRES-203

Portable and not voluminous it is an instrument really useful when you have to preserve small rock sample. The Geobath for Plug has been designed with two independent tanks and it offers three different modes that you will manage in function of the temperature required and time that you need. This wax melter find its place in laboratory and offshore operation.

Dimensions 495x320x270 mm / 19.4×12.5×10.6″
Tank Volume 2×5 L
Weight 9 Kg
Power supply 230 V – 50 Hz
Melting range 50ºC – 150ºC
Accessories Scraper; Wooden spoon; Support for scraper & wooden spoon; Magnet protector; 2 x Tank lid
Packaging 520x360x310 mm / 20.4×14.1×12.2″