GeoBath Wax Bath (Large)

Manufacturer: Geofactory
Model Number: PRES-201

The Geobath wax melter series have been designed for melting waxes used during core preservation operations. It can heat waxes at a range of temperatures from 50ºC to 200ºC (122ºF to 392ºF) in order to suit all ranges of waxes available in the coring industry. The melters are insulated with rock-wool and fitted with double wall heat conserving hinged stainless steel lids and lifting handles. They are also equipped with adjustable thermostat and a thermal cut‐out in order to match the temperature to the melting point of the wax used. Its robust steel manufacture makes this product the perfect device for safe and intensive use at the well-site or under laboratory conditions.

External Dimensions 1640x450x450 mm / 64.5×17.7×17.7″
Internal Dimensions 1220x300x350 mm / 48×11.8×13.7″
Volume 120 L
Weight 140 Kg
Power supply 220 V – 50/60 Hz
Packaging 100 Kg Heat treated wooden box (1840x550x650 mm / 72.4×21.6×25.5″)