GeoSeal Wax

Manufacturer: Geofactory
Model Number: PRES-101

Geoseal Opaque wax for fluid preservation. The core samples are wrapped in Clim film wrap and thick aluminium foil prior to dipping (API procedure). The strenght point of GeoSeal is that it needs only moderately elevated temperature when using. It is removed from the core by hand stripping after making a cut in the tough solid coating. Correct handling will guarantee the efficient encapsulation of the rock sample.

Appearence Solid
Odour Slight
Block Size 4 Blocks-(300x250x40 mm);

16 Blocks-(150x125x40 mm)

Melting point 75°C
Viscosity at 100°C 14.5 cSt
Solubility in water (% by weight) Insoluble
Packaging Box of 10 Kg (4 blocks of 2.5 Kg or 16 blocks of 0.625 Kg)