Helium Porosimeter (Educational)

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: HEP-E

The Helium gas expansion porosimeter is based on the Boyle's and Charles' law expansion of helium gas and is used for direct grain volume and pore volume measurement in auxiliary cell at isothermal conditions. Subsequently, porosity and grain density can be derived from the direct measurements. An excel spreadsheet calculation template allows for calculation of grain volume and porosity.

Core diameter: 1″ and 1.5″
Core length: up to 3″
Porosity Range: up to 60%
Charge Pressure in reference volume: 200 psi
Pressure sensor accuracy: 0.1%
Porosity Range: up to 60%
Electrical requirements: 110-220 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz
N2/Helium requirements: 500 psi

  • Cost effective
  • Ideal for educational purposes
  • Compact system