Hydrocarbon Compositional Analyzer

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: HCA

Following the flash of the live fluid sample to ambient conditions in the gasometer, compositional analysis of residual hydrocarbon liquid and evolved gas phase is conducted using gas chromatography (GC). Two standard Gas Chromatographs are used to analyse the composition of the gaseous and liquids fractions of the sample. The values obtained from the two GC are used to generate compositional PVT reports of the sample including separator gas, separator liquid and recombined sample.

  • Natural gas analyzer for wet gas analysis up to C14 based on the standard GPA 2286
  • Liquid analyzer for crude oil and condensates analysis
  • Chemstation for the two chromatographs
  • Reporting facilities software
  • Cryette for molecular weight determination for the sample
  • Gasometer with GOR apparatus
  • Hydrocarbons analysis  up to C36
  • Weight %, mole %, volume % provided
  • Molecular weight and distribution up to C36
  • Reporting facilities provided