Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: Kerogen

This instrument is designed for pure kerogen extraction and mineral destruction by acidification. It is a fully assembled free standing unit, simply needing to be connected to power, tap water, and sewage system. It includes its own neutralisation system and 4 reactors but also water purification system, water heater, fume hood and a fume extraction fan special for acid fume extraction. In order to minimise the acid handling, an automatic version can be proposed in which acids are injected through an automatic perilstatic pump.

Temperature: 60°C
Acid: HCL and HF
Stirring: By Nitrogen bubbling
Electrical: 230 VAC , 50hz

Model 1:
Number of reactor chamber: 8
Reactor capacity: 200cc
Equivalent rock sample weight:10g 

Model 2:
Number of reactor chamber: 4
Reactor capacity: 1 liter
Equivalent rock sample weight: 30 g 

  • Extremely pure kerogen
  • No loss nor alteration of organic matter
  • Rapid and safe with limited acid handling
  • Easy, clean and accurate kerogen extraction