Large Stirred Pressure Vessel

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: FSV Series

The FSV series vessel is specifically designed to stir large volume of fluid under pressure and temperature. The vessel consists of a cylindrical metal chamber equipped with a bolted sealed head and a manual bottom drain valve. It features an internal heavy duty stirring system, made of a motor drive magnetically coupled to an internal stirrer shaft with attached anchor for stirring viscous liquids. The head is provided with one hand operated valve, a thermocouple for measuring the temperature within the vessel, a pressure gauge and a safety burst disc. A control panel controls the motor speed drive for stirrer. Temperature and pressure transducers can be interfaced to the panel if there are needed. The unit can also be interfaced to a computer for remote control. The complete vessel is mounted on an easily moveable trolley with an optional chain pulley lifting system for lifting the head with minimum effort.


 Volume (liter)

 Presssure (psi )

Wetted parts

Weight (kg)

 FSV 50-30-S



Stainless steel


 FSV 50-30-H





Temperature range: up to 150°C
Stirring speed: up to 200 RPM
Fluid viscosity: 10,000 cP
Gasket material: Viton
Inlet and outlet connections: 1inch (other upon request)
Power: 110-220 VAC, 50/60 Hz

NB: Other features can be added to the design upon end user’s request

  • Store live oil fluid for large scale deposition loops
  • Can stir a large volume of liquid under extreme pressure and temperature conditions
  • Heavy duty magnetic driven stirrer drive
  • Corrosion free wetted parts