Mercury Capillary Pressure System

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: CPM-140

Manual operated system for the measurement of capillary pressure and pore morphology. Based on Purcell method, mercury is injected into plug sized samples at know volume from vacuum to 2,000 psi (140 bar). The instrument uses a hand operated pump for mercury injection and a coreholder equipped with an opening windowed chamber cap for easy loading / unloading operations and mercury level visualization. The control panel includes the pore pressure regulator, the pore pressure transducer with the digital display and a vacuum manometer.

Pressure range : up to 140 bar (2,000 psi)
Temperature : ambient
Core Diameter : 1″ or 1.5″
Core length : up to 3 inches
Vacuum pumping speed : 2.5 m3/h
Final vacuum pressure : 10-3 mbar.
Power supply : 110-220 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz
Nitrogen source : 2,000 psi