Mercury Porosimeter

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: N/A

Tool designed to measure the gas space and bulk volume of a freshly recovered core sample. The instrument consists of a hand operated pump, a sample cell equipped with a needle valve mounted on its lid. The cell can accommodate a sample with a bulk volume of 10 to 15 cm3. The mercury pump is equipped with a vernier calliper graduated in 0.01 cm3 increments. A pressure gauge capable of indicating pressure up to 100 bar and a vacuum gauge are connected to the system.

Max pressure: 100 bar (1,500 psi)
Sample volume: 10 to 15 cc
Cell size: 40 x 70 mm
Pump volume: 100 cc
Direct reading by vernier: 0.01 cm3
Wetted part: Stainless steel