Quick-Release Core Holder

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: QRC

The QRC Series core holders allows for the core to be loaded without the complete disassembly of the coreholder. The core loading is achieved using an innovative ¼ turn fast release bayonet mechanism. The coreholder is configured for hassler loading. The sleeve remains in place and the core is loaded from one end without having to drain/refill the confining fluid which can be nitrogen or hydraulic oil. This avoids damage to the sleeve which can occur with assembly and disassembly. Operation is much easier and quicker and leads to higher throughput when tests of short duration are being carried out.

Operating pressure rating: 400 psi, 1,000 psi or 5,000 psi
Operating temperature: ambient and up to 80°C
Fitting: NPT
Core diameter: Customer specified
Core length: Customer specified
Wetted parts: Stainless steel
Sleeve material: Nitrile
Inlet port: As request
Outlet port: As request