Retort Oven

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: RO

The retort oven is designed to determine oil and water fluid saturation by a high temperature retorting process in which the oil and water contained in a fresh sample of crushed core material are vaporized, condensed and collected in calibrated glassware. The samples are progressively heated to remove water and then heat up to 650°C (1,200°F) to remove oil from the sample. The gas saturation is determined on an adjacent, litho logically similar sample by placing the core sample in a mercury porosimeter and measuring the amount of mercury injected with the water and/or oil in place. The system comprises a retort cabinet containing two chambers of five sample bombs capable of holding crushed core material. Each bomb is equipped with a sealed threaded cap and is connected to a long, stainless steel condensing tube. The tube passes through a water bath thereby enhancing condensation of the evolved gases. Calibrated glass receiving tube is affixed to each condensing tube with a rubber stopper to collect the water and oil produced from the sample.

Sample bomb capacity: 100 grams of crushed core material
Receiving tube capacity: 20 ml (other size upon request)
Number of sample bomb / receiving tube: 10 Max
Temperature: 650°C (1,200 °F)
Material: carbon refractory steel
Weight: 50 kg
Dimensions: 104 x 88 x 32 cm
Electrical : 220V, 50Hz