Solvent Recovery Still

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: SRS

The recovery still is designed to reclaim clean solvent from dirty solvent containing a mixture of crude oil and solvent. The recovery process is based on fractional distillation by boiling point temperature difference between the crude oil and the solvent. The apparatus is explosion proof and should be installed away from any area of hazardous atmosphere. It consists mainly of (a) an insulated boiler tank equipped with heaters located at the bottom and (b) a condenser using house water. The recovered solvent is evacuated into a container whereas the dirty toluene is transferred manually into the tank. The plastic bag located in the tank in which the dirty solvent is poured permits to facilitate the evacuation of sludge deposit after the recovery process.

Recovery: 95 %
Recovery time: 3 to 5 hours for 30 litres
Max temperature: 200°C
Tank capacity: 20 litres, other upon request
Protection: IP 66
Material: stainless steel
House water consumption: 50 litres per hour
Power supply: 220 VAC 50 Hz , 2,500 W
Dimensions: 850x1000x1000 mm
Weight: 165 Kg