Vacuum Embedding Unit

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: VEU

The vacuum embedding unit has been developed for impregnating porous and fragile specimens with a suitable bonding material that fills pores, cracks and prevents specimens from fracturing. Up to 10 specimens can be impregnated in a row without breaking the vacuum. The specimens are placed onto a turntable plate in individual moulds inside the vacuum chamber. A noiseless electrical vacuum pump, a pressure gauge and a vacuum regulating valve are used to control the vacuum inside the chamber. Having evacuated the specimen chamber, moulds are brought successively under the resin’s feeding nozzle and filled up by the impregnated resin. A resin dispenser is used to fill up the resin into the moulds. It is composed of a disposable plastic cup containing the resin, a disposable plastic tube for applying resin, a rubber stopper ensuring effective sealing and a ball joint allowing the tube to be manipulated and orientated inside the chamber. A lamp helps to follow the extraction of bubbles rising from the resin. The chamber is also made from glass which means that any drips or spilled resin will not stick, making cleaning and maintenance easier.

Turntable plate diameter: 200 mm
Max standard moulds: 10
Weight: 20 kg
Overall dimensions: 440x300x450 mm
Chamber dimensions: 200 Ø x 150 mm (Height)
Power supply: 200 VAC, 50 Hz

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Ideal for soft, porous and friable specimens
  • Large sample capacity, up to 10 standard sized specimens can be impregnated together
  • Continuous indication of sample vacuum
  • Compact, benchtop unit with integral vacuum pump
  • Possibility to reduce the resin viscosity by using a turntable heating plate (option)