Vacuum Oven

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: VO

The small portable vacuum oven DR 3003 incorporates all the advantages of the conventional vacuum oven. The design is however much simpler. Its dimensions are smaller and it is much lighter, allowing the user to place it anywhere, conveniently to his needs. The main components of the portable oven are a machined stainless steel heating plate with a glass bell, designed to withstand the pressure difference between in and outside. The sealing is secured by a Viton O-ring between the heating plate and the bell. The total volume is approximately 5 litres, the maximum working volume is 0.6 l. The required temperature is easily adjusted by an electronic regulator with digital display. The product is dried by direct contact with the heating plate.

Vacuum: 10-3 mm Hg (0.13 Pa)
Temperature: 30°C to 170°C (precision 0.3%)
Material: stainless steel 316L
Seal: Viton O-ring
Overall dimensions: 340 x 320 x 270 mm
Weight: 13 kg
Inside diameter of bell: 230 mm
Inside height of bell: 130 mm
Glass bell volume: 5 l
Power supply: 230V , 50 Hz , 550W

  • User friendly and reliable.
  • Light and small
  • Accurate temperature control.
  • Allow to work under inert atmosphere.
  • Visual control during drying operation.