Wellsite Plugging Machine for Unconsolidated Samples

Manufacturer: Geofactory
Model Number: SAMP-20

The Onsite Soft Plugging Unit has been built to take the plug into a soft and unconsolidated formation. The hydraulic system is used to precisely control the penetration of the plunger (not rotating) into the formation. The core sample is positioned just vertical to the plunger and the hand pump activates the plunger (1” or 1.5”) into the plugging point. Then the plug is removed from the plunger and fixed in a heat shrink sieve with a mesh screen and adjusted with the heat gun.

External size 500x800x500 mm / 19.6×31.4×19.6″
Weight 37 Kg
Consumables & accessories 1×1″ Drill Bit; 1×1.5″ Drill Bit; 1×1″ Plug Extractor; 1×1.5″ Plug Extractor
Teflon Support size 300x220x40 mm / 11.8×8.6×1.5″ – All core diameter
Digital Balance (milligram)  On request is available