Wellsite Plugging Machine

Manufacturer: Geofactory
Model Number: SAMP-401

The Onsite Plugging Unit is designed to be fixed on all types of supports. It is easy to set up and comes with a heavy motor and a positioning system for the core sample in order to guarantee accurate positioning of the plugging point. Diamond drill bits (wet/thin wall-1”;15”) are available, plus a swivel to support liquid nitrogen or kereson, mud… which can be adapted. The Plugging Unit is delivered with all the accessories needed for perfect handling (tool box, plug extractor…).

External Size 400x200x866 mm / 15.7×7.8×34″
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Motor Power 2 Kw
Fluid Container & Core support dimensions 1025x400x200 mm / 49.2×15.7×7.8″; 800 mm / 31.4″
Drill Speed Loaded 520/1400/2900 Rpm
Accessories 1×1″ Drill Bit; 1×1.5″ Drill Bit; 1×1″ Plug Extractor; 1×1.5″ Plug Extractor; 1xTool Box
Weight 25 Kg