Brine Crystallization

Pressurized Brine Crystallization Temperature Tester

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: PCT-1300

The automated PCT 1300 instrument is designed to measure the crystallization temperature of a pressurized brine fluid under conditions involving a combination of high pressure and low temperature. It features a very sensitive optical light detector for detecting crystals in the fluid sample, thus eliminating the need for a person to visually observe the sample for the presence of crystal when measuring the crystallization events FCTA, TCT and LCTD of a brine sample. The apparatus comprises a high pressure cell for containing a brine fluid sample. A magnetic driven stirrer, located inside the cell, ensures a good mixing of the sample A temperature sensor measures the temperature of the brine sample during the test. The cell features a double jacket to circulate the cooling fluid from the cooling bath. A high pressure pump is used for pressurizing the fluid sample.