Core Cleaning

We offer several components for core cleaning preparation and preservation. See below for more details.

Centrifugal Extractor

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: CE

The centrifugal extractor is designed to spray warm, clean solvent from a still against the core samples. The centrifugal force causes solvent to flow through samples displacing and extracting the oil (and water). The speed of rotation can be selected depending on the permeability and degree of consolidation of the core. Most common solvents can be used. A solvent recovery still is also provided to recycle clean and warm solvent into the centrifugal extractor in closed loop. Centrifugal Extractor : Rapid and efficient extraction of oil, water and salt from consolidated core samples Speed controller Rotor geometry to accomodate the core samples Solvent inlet and outlet Vibration free chassis Solvent recovery still : Solvent level windows Heated solvent flask Water refrigerant for solvent condensation Temperature controller

Soxhlet Extractor

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: SE-Series

The soxhlet extraction is a distillation extraction method used to dissolve and extract oil and brine from rock core sample by using solvents. The cleanliness of the sample is determined from the color of the solvent that siphons periodically from the extractor which must be clear. The samples are placed in the extractor and cleaned by refluxing solvent. The solvent is heated and vaporized in boiling flasks and cooled at the top by condenser. The cooled solvent liquid falls into the sample chamber. The cleaned solvent fills the chamber and soaks the core sample. When the chamber is full, the dirty solvent which was used to clean the core siphons back into the boiling flask and is redistilled again The apparatus consists of a distillation/extraction glassware unit and a heating mantle with thermostatic controller. The glassware is composed of boiling flask, soxhlet extracto and condenser. A flexible plastic tubing is also used to connect the condenser to the water cooling unit. All these devices are mounted on a mounting rack.

Flow-Through Core Cleaner

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: FTCC

The apparatus is a rapid and efficient core cleaning system based on controlled sequential solvent displacement under moderate pressure. Extraction of hydrocarbons and salts from reservoir rocks is achieved by injecting one or more solvents into the core sample under pressure and moderate temperature. The pressure used depends on the sample permeability. The core is considered clean when the effluent is clean.

CO2 / Solvent Core Cleaner

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: CO2SCC

The core Cleaner is a device for cleaning crude oil, drilling mud liquids, and water from a single piece of whole core or from a batch of core plug samples. The principle consists of filling the gas filled space in the core with solvent (e.g. toluene) by surrounding the core with a suitable solvent containing dissolved CO2 gas and applying sufficient hydraulic pressure. The solvent mixes with oil in the core and subsequent depressurizing to atmospheric pressure removes residual oil from the core. A number of repeated cycles are required to clean the core of hydrocarbons. The apparatus fits into a standard size floor hood. The cleaning chamber is a pressure vessel which is heated electrically with an electrical heater enclosed in an explosion proof housing. The solvent is pumped from an on-board supply tank to the cleaning vessel with a high pressure pump. A cyclone separator with a stainless steel-packed, water-cooled after-cooler is provided to separate the CO2 and the used hot solvent when the vessel is drained. The used toluene drains into an explosion proof electric still where it is recovered and delivered back to the clean solvent supply. A coolant bath is provided to recirculate cold water around the cyclone to cool down the hot solvent, thus avoiding large consumption of water. The still operation is automatic. The process controls are housed in a non-explosion proof box intended to be mounted outside of the hood. A touch screen panel allows to operate the machine in manual and fully automated modes.

Solvent Recovery Still

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: SRS

The recovery still is designed to reclaim clean solvent from dirty solvent containing a mixture of crude oil and solvent. The recovery process is based on fractional distillation by boiling point temperature difference between the crude oil and the solvent. The apparatus is explosion proof and should be installed away from any area of hazardous atmosphere. It consists mainly of (a) an insulated boiler tank equipped with heaters located at the bottom and (b) a condenser using house water. The recovered solvent is evacuated into a container whereas the dirty toluene is transferred manually into the tank. The plastic bag located in the tank in which the dirty solvent is poured permits to facilitate the evacuation of sludge deposit after the recovery process.