Core Imaging & Inspection

Stereo Microscope

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: SM

The Stereomicroscope Stemi 2000 meets your demands in two respects. On the one hand it offers the low-price advantage common with Greenough-type instruments, on the other hand it features a performance that will surely surprise you. The extremely wide 7.7:1 zoom range (pancratic system 0.65x...5.0x) zooms them in as hardly any other stereomicroscope of this class can do. It includes a cold light source.

Vinci Ultraviolet Box

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: UVB

The ultra violet box is composed of a ultra violet light tube and a fluorescent white light to enable observation of core and cutting samples under both UV light and white light. An access permits to introduce the sample inside the box without introducing exterior light.

Digital Core Photography System

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: DCP

The fully automated core photography system is designed for complete core photography and archiving purposes, producing high quality white and ultraviolet colour images of full diameter whole or slabbed core samples. The operator positions the core samples on a four rows rack and a digital camera mounted above the core samples under white or ultra violet lighting takes a high resolution picture. The images are then automatically digitised, displayed and recorded in the high speed computer. The software includes calibration functions for the camera, image processing capabilities as well as file compression, storage and transfer facilities. The innovative concept is in the use of a digital camera which can produce very high resolution color images up, avoiding the risk of deformed images.

CoreScan3 Digital Core Imaging System

Manufacturer: DMT GmbH
Model Number: CoreScan3

The DMT CoreScan3 produces optical images of full circumference of drill core in true color with a resolution of up to 10 pixel/mm by scanning (details up to 40 pixel/mm). This imaging machine makes it possible to record and calibrate sections of drill core of 25 to 150 mm (slabbed up to 250 mm) diameter up to one meter in length in a single operation. Furthermore, core boxes up to 1050 x 640 mm are scanned in 1 image; larger boxes in 2 images. The scanning software matches to the system processes of the scanned data and generates a true color core image.

A portable core imaging device in combination with a set of analysis software developed for drill core image acquisition, storage and evaluation. Images of full circumference (360 degrees) and core boxes of any dimensions can be scanned and analyzed.

Getting the right answers fast is crucial to your success in exploration and site investigation projects. The brand new, portable DMT CoreScan can help you. This digital drill-core imaging system provides:

High-tech core-logging
Precise core imaging
Quantitative fracture analyses
Digital core library with global accessibility