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Soxhlet Extractor

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: SE-Series

The soxhlet extraction is a distillation extraction method used to dissolve and extract oil and brine from rock core sample by using solvents. The cleanliness of the sample is determined from the color of the solvent that siphons periodically from the extractor which must be clear. The samples are placed in the extractor and cleaned by refluxing solvent. The solvent is heated and vaporized in boiling flasks and cooled at the top by condenser. The cooled solvent liquid falls into the sample chamber. The cleaned solvent fills the chamber and soaks the core sample. When the chamber is full, the dirty solvent which was used to clean the core siphons back into the boiling flask and is redistilled again The apparatus consists of a distillation/extraction glassware unit and a heating mantle with thermostatic controller. The glassware is composed of boiling flask, soxhlet extracto and condenser. A flexible plastic tubing is also used to connect the condenser to the water cooling unit. All these devices are mounted on a mounting rack.

Manual Saturator

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: MS

The manual saturator permits to perform a sequence of vacuum and saturation cycles on plug size samples. The standard apparatus includes a plug sized core cell, a vacuum pump, an hand operated pressure pump (2,000 psi output), a saturant vacuum tank and necessary hand operated valves and plumbing. A larger capacity cell to accommodate full size core samples is also available.