Heating Jackets

Heating Mantle for Sample Cylinders

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: HM

The heating mantle offers a convenient, cost-effective way to heat and maintain temperatures of sample cylinder. They provide clean heat, eliminate hot or cold spots and are easy to install and remove. They require low maintenance and labor cost, are energy efficient, clean room compatible, consist of durable material, provide multiple heating zones, remain chemical and moisture resistant and are easily adaptable to multiple diameters of cylinders. The mantle is provided with a temperature regulator and it is a plug and play tool. Three sizes are available depending on the type of the cylinder.

Core Holder Heating System

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: HES

The electrical heating system can be provided to heat and maintain homogeneous temperature in the core sample. The heating jacket fits the shape of the coreholder in order to provide the highest heat efficiency. A digital temperature controller is used to enter, display and regulate the temperature . A thermocouple probe is used to measure the temperature of the coreholder body.