Initial Fluid Saturation

Dean Stark Extractor

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: DSE

The dean stark extractor is used to determine fluid saturation of core samples. The sample is first weighed and then introduced in the dean stark extractor. The water fraction is vaporized by boiling solvent, condensed and then collected in a calibrated receiver. Vaporized solvent also condenses, soaks the sample, and extracts the oil. The sample is then oven dried and weighed. The oil content is determined by gravimetric difference while the water content is volumetrically measured by the receiving tube. The apparatus consists of a distillation/extraction glassware unit and a heating mantle with thermostatic controller. The glassware is composed of boiling flask with extractor, a sample support screen, volumetrically graduated water receiving tube, condenser and desiccant drying tube. A flexible plastic tubing is also used to connect the condenser to the water cooling unit. All these devices are mounted on a mounting rack.

Retort Oven

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: RO

The retort oven is designed to determine oil and water fluid saturation by a high temperature retorting process in which the oil and water contained in a fresh sample of crushed core material are vaporized, condensed and collected in calibrated glassware. The samples are progressively heated to remove water and then heat up to 650°C (1,200°F) to remove oil from the sample. The gas saturation is determined on an adjacent, litho logically similar sample by placing the core sample in a mercury porosimeter and measuring the amount of mercury injected with the water and/or oil in place. The system comprises a retort cabinet containing two chambers of five sample bombs capable of holding crushed core material. Each bomb is equipped with a sealed threaded cap and is connected to a long, stainless steel condensing tube. The tube passes through a water bath thereby enhancing condensation of the evolved gases. Calibrated glass receiving tube is affixed to each condensing tube with a rubber stopper to collect the water and oil produced from the sample.