Microbial EOR

Microbial Injection Coreflood System

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: MICROB-FLOOD

The Microb-flood is used to evaluate oil recovery from reservoir rock by microbial biosurfactants which have the property to reduce surface tension of the reservoir rock and interfacial tension between the injected aqueous phase and oil. The microb-flood system is ideal to assess various combinations of mixtures flooding at reservoir conditions including biosurfactant, co-surfactant and polymer. Change in permeability, displacement efficiency and incremental oil recovery due to such mixture injection can be studied. Typical configuration of a microb-flood system includes injection pump, four fluid transfer vessels, hydrostatic coreholder, forward and backward injection facilities, confining pump, back pressure regulator, airbath, pressure measurement system, Liquid/gas fraction collector, gasmeter and data acquisition system.