Multi-Place Cold Finger

Multi-Place Cold Finger (1)

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: MCF Series

The cold finger apparatus uses a rapid screening method to identify and rank potential wax deposition inhibitors. The quantity of paraffin wax adhering to the cooled surface is quantified. The efficiency of scale inhibitors can be assessed. The MCF 6 apparatus is designed to be used with black oil samples held in six glass bottles. Those are maintained at constant temperature during the tests in a thermal controlled bath. The fingers immersed in the oil samples are then cooled to a predefined minimum temperature via coolant supplied by an external chiller bath to induce a temperature gradient in the sample. The samples are then run for 24 hours with periodic weight measurement of the finger to determine potential for deposition. After the experiment, deposited wax is collected and composition can be further analyzed. Deposited wax is removed by heating the finger and washed with solvent.