Natural Radioactivity

Geofactory Portable Gamma Logger (1)

Manufacturer: Geofactory
Model Number: IMAG-107

Geofactory offers a gamma-ray spectrometry for geological core logging. This BGO 2”X 2” crystal detector and lead shielding should be used for focused measurement of cores or for stratigraphic measurements. Using internal constants based on IAEA traceable calibration pads, the Portable Gamma Logger can compute precise rock concentration of K (%), U and Th (ppm). Results are displayed immediately after end of measurements. They will be stored in the instrument and/or sent to appropriate external devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It also uses an advanced method of automatic stabilization on natural background radiation throughout its operation. This unique stabilization method eliminates the need for an additional radioactive check source.

Gamma Ray Logger

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: NGR-200

The NGR200 core gamma ray logger provides both total and spectral analysis of the natural gamma radiations emitted from the core samples upon arrival at the laboratory. It permits to differentiate uranium, thorium and potassium concentrations. The data obtained with this apparatus can be used to adjust the depth of the core to coincide with the open-hole logging depths and to identify zones where core has been lost. The apparatus consists of a conveyer for moving core, lead shielding to reduce background gamma radiation and suitable gamma ray detectors. The detector system consists of a shielded scintillation crystal coupled with a photo multiplier. Signals from the detectors are processed using a multi channel spectrum analyzer and analytical software. The gamma ray events are energy - sorted and counted over three energy windows K, U and Th as well as the total gamma radiation. Core samples can be in barrel, in a fiber glass, or aluminum, liner or exposed. The core is scanned along its length from bottom to top simulating a wire-line log pass. The logging speed is adjustable to suit the core and data requirements.