PVT Viscometers

Heavy Oil Viscometer

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: HOV-700

The Heavy Oil Viscometer consists in a straight metal rod maintained in vibration permanently by a constant power. The amplitude of the vibration varies according to the viscosity of the fluid in which the rod is immersed. The electronics ensures an adequate vibration and treats the variations of amplitude to obtain the viscosity value. The viscometer module is assembled with a 15cc measurement cell to get a stand alone viscometer. A drain valve also enables to release gas when saturation pressure is reached. The cell is designed to be removed easily for fast and efficient cleaning.

Electromagnetic Viscometer

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: EV-1000

The EV 1000 instrument is based on a simple and reliable electromagnetic concept. Two coils move the piston back and forth magnetically at a constant force. Proprietary circuitry analyzes the piston's two-way travel time to measure absolute viscosity. A built-in temperature detector (RTD) senses the actual temperature in the sampling chamber. The viscometer consists of a Cambridge Electromagnetic Viscometer SPSL 440, a set of six calibrated pistons to cover viscosity ranging from 0.02 cP to 10,000 cP, a pressure transducer with its digital display, a temperature probe and a controlled temperature air bath.

Capillary Viscometer

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: CV

The CAVIS high-pressure capillary viscometer is specifically designed to measure the viscosity of single-phase reservoir fluids. It operates on the principle that any fluid displaced in laminar flow through a capillary tube of known dimensions, exerts a pressure drop across the tube, which is related to the flow rate of the fluid passing through it. The relationship is a function of the fluid viscosity. The computer controlled instrument consists of a high pressure opposed pump, two high accurate pressure transducers, a uniform temperature air bath and a capillary tube with consistent geometry. A set of four capillary tubes with different geometries are provided to cover the whole range of viscosity to measure.

Rolling Ball Viscometer

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: RBV-1000

The rolling ball viscometer is designed to determine the viscosity of bottom-hole and surface oil samples at elevated temperature and pressure. It uses the rolling ball principle where the roll time of a ball is used to obtain viscosity data. Viscosity values are then obtained by correlation of the measured data with curves of fluids with known viscosities. The RBV 1000 consists of a calibrating barrel equipped with a latch at its upper end and an detector at its lower end. The latch permits to trap and release the ball while the detector detects the arrival of the ball allowing the roll time to be determined. The viscometer features a jacket for circulating heating fluid around the chamber to ensure a constant and homogeneous temperature of the sample.