Vindum Constant Volume Valves

Vindum Constant-Volume CV Valves

Manufacturer: Vindum Engineering
Model Number: CV

CV Valves are: • Ideal for control of:
    o Volume-sensitive systems
    o Remote control (i.e., enclosed airbath)
    o Integrated or automated systems
    o Harsh environments or fluids
• Constant-volume or constant-pressure during switching cycle
• Extremely small dead volumes and no trapped fluids
• Highly reliable & minimal maintenance
• Remotely actuated via solenoid/air pilot valves (sold separately)
• Air-actuated open/close in <0.1 second (with 80-115 psi lab air)
• Suitable for high-temperature use (to 320°F/160°C)
• Stainless Steel or Hastelloy (corrosive fluids & brine)
• Small size: 2.0-2.25” diameter, 3.6-4.5” length
• Several models of 2-way (on/off) or 3-way valves
• Many seal options (Viton, Teflon, Buna-N, UHMW PE, AFLAS, Chemraz)

Solenoid-Controlled Pilot Valves for CV Valves

Manufacturer: Vindum Engineering
Model Number: CV-PV

One manifold base can be paired with multiple valves. We have many configurations available:

2 to 12 station manifolds
12 volt or 24 volt solenoid pilot valves
Air fitting configuration is based on the type of valve (ambient or high temperature)