Amott Cells for Spontaneous Drainage & Imbibition Testing

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: AMOTT Series

The spontaneous imbibition Amott test consists of placing an oil saturated core sample in an Amott cell which is filled up with brine for a period of time. The oil expelled from the core spontaneously can be measured accurately by reading the graduation on top of the cell. Inversely, the spontaneous drainage Amott test consists of immersing a brine saturated core sample into an Amott cell which is filled up with oil. The brine expelled from the core spontaneously can also be determined by reading the graduation on the bottom of the cell. The Amott cell includes a sealed glass cell for the core sample and a graduation tube to measure the volume of fluid expelled from the core. The imbibition Amott cell stands by itself on a table while the drainage Amott cell is maintained using a dedicated stand. Optional high temperature Amott cells are also available.

Automatic Imbibiometer

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: AUTOIMBIB

The imbibiometer is an automated computer controlled system capable of performing spontaneous imbibition of oil and water into up to ten rock samples. Fluid production data collected during this measurement is used to determine the volume of oil and water expelled from the rock sample during respective imbibition and drainage tests. Ten Amott cells with saturated samples inside are placed on a fixed stand and a movable video camera mounted on a linear actuator allows for the automatic reading of the produced fluids in each of the ten graduated burettes of the Amott cells. The water / oil interface height in each burette is recorded in the computer at a selectable time interval. The video software automatically determines the water/oil interface height and calculates the fluid expelled from the core sample during the test. Video retrieval facilities allow for visualizing the spontaneous imbibibition experiments in an accelerated mode. The imbibiometer can also be configured with a controlled temperature air bath when imbibition tests have to be conducted at high temperature.

Aging Cell Aparatus

Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies
Model Number: ACA-700

The apparatus is designed for aging core samples with crude oil so as to restore its reservoir wettability before being used for a SCAL study. The base version is delivered with one core unit but can configured with five coreholders. The aging method entails first saturating a cleaned (and thus water wet) core plug with brine. The brine is then displaced by crude oil until representative initial water saturation is achieved. During this process the smaller pores remain water –filled, whereas the oil invades the remainder of the pore space, leaving thin water films on the pore walls and in crevices. Finally, the core containing crude oil and connate water is left for many weeks at reservoir temperature and pressure. It is at this stage that wettability changes may occur in the oil-invaded pores. However, these changes are dependant upon the stability of the water wet films, trapped between the rock surface and the oil. The pore walls can only become oil-wet if contacted by oil due to the rupture of these films. In this case the core will have achieved a mixed wettability state status.