Acoustic Separators

Acoustic Separators provide continuous and precise fluid-level monitoring of multi-phase pressurized systems, such as those used for relative permeability experiments for oil and gas research.

Vindum Engineering’s NERAS Separators are available for either 2-phase or 3-phase systems. Both separators offer precise fluid-level monitoring with the following characteristics:

  • Fluid Separation & Measurement at In-Situ Conditions
  • Working Pressure: to 10,000 psi
  • Working Temperature: 15-150°C
  • High accuracy, independent of fluid properties (volume resolution of 0.08 mL)
  • Proven, simple, gravity-based separation design
  • Independent Separation and Measurement bores
  • All fluid levels monitored & recorded continuously
  • Instantaneous recirc. coreflood fluid volumetric balances (for relative perm experiments)
  • Precision ultrasonic level detection & measurement electronics manufactured by New England Research, Inc.
  • Stainless Steel or Hastelloy vessel options
  • Customizable bore diameter: 1” (std), 3/4”, or 1/2”

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