Manufacturer: New England Research

Model Number: Autoscan

The AutoScan scanner is a unique measurement platform developed by NER for the detailed quantitative and efficient description of core properties. NER developed this non-destructive measurement system specifically for rock typing, plug selection, and well-log data calibration in order to optimize the use of core for reservoir characterization. A detailed description of core properties and their correlations is made possible via the use of interchangeable probes for ultrasonic velocity (compressional and shear), complex electrical impedance, hardness testing, gas permeability, composition (FTIR), and digital photography. Formation heterogeneity for each of these properties can be measured in a single setup on up to 4 meters (12 feet) of core using point measurements and surface scans. A high-precision computer-controlled XY gantry guided by a laser ranging device positions each probe at programmed locations and sample measurement intervals as small as 0.5 millimeter (.02 inches).

Categories: New England Research Equipment

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