Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies

Model Number: L-Series

The LS series pump consists of a high pressure cylinder, a rotatable helical screw for moving fluid, a magnetic driven shaft and a motor. The helical screw is housed inside the high pressure cylinder which includes a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet. The fluid enters the pump cylinder, is transported by the helical screw and expelled through the outlet. The flow rate is controlled by the speed of the motor. This type of pump capable of minimizing turbulent flow and of maximizing laminar flow. This is very useful when the pumping application requires circulating non-Newtonian fluids with low shear rate such as those found in the oil industry to avoid change in the fluid viscosity and solid deposits once shear is applied. The device is provided with a control panel which can be hooked up to a computer. Several pump models are available depending on pressure, maximum flow rate, wetted part material and connection types required.

Categories: Pumps & Pressure Boosters, Recirculation Pumps

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