Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies

Model Number: IBV

The immersed bulk volume determination system flawlessly measures the bulk volume of plug-sized core samples by virtue of the Archimedes’ principle. The system comprises a mercury bath, a high-precision digital balance and a mechanical linear actuator. The wetted parts of the actuator are a sample plunger and a level rod. Initially, the apparatus is calibrated by lowering the actuator with a rotary crank until the rod tip barely contacts the mercury surface. The balance is then zeroed and the actuator, raised. The sample is placed on the surface of the mercury under the plunger and submerged with the actuator until the tip of the rod brushes the mercury’s surface. The rod ensures that the actuator is immersed to the same depth during calibration and measurements.


A robust base which supports the balance and a vertical post
An adjustable immersion depth and precision ram with level probe
A cradle which supports the sample when it is suspended in air or in mercury
A high precision balance with RS232 communication port
Reading accuracy: 0.01 g
Max weighing: 6,000 g
Repeatability: +/- 0.01 g
Linearity: +/- 0.01 g
A digital temperature probe for mercury density determination
Mercury immersion bath of 300 cc with lid and spillage tray
Electrical : 110-220V, 50 or 60 Hz

Categories: Routine Core Analysis, Bulk Volume

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