Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies

Model Number: Kerogen

This instrument is designed for pure kerogen extraction and mineral destruction by acidification. It is a fully assembled, free-standing unit, requiring only one electrical connection, one tap water inlet, and a sewage outlet. The apparatus consists of several reactors, a neutralization tank, water heating and purification system and a specialized acid vapor extraction fume hood. In order to minimize manual acid handling, a built-in automatic peristaltic pump injects acidic solutions into the reactors.


Temperature: 60°C
Acid: HCL and HF
Stirring: By Nitrogen bubbling
Electrical: 230 VAC , 50hz

Model 1:
Number of reactor chamber: 8
Reactor capacity: 200cc
Equivalent rock sample weight:10g

Model 2:
Number of reactor chamber: 4
Reactor capacity: 1 liter
Equivalent rock sample weight: 30 g


• Extremely pure kerogen
• No alteration of organic matter
• Rapid and safe with limited acid handling
• Easy, clean and accurate kerogen extraction

Categories: Geochemical Analysis

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