About Us

Vindum Engineering is a small team of professionals committed to offering innovative high-pressure equipment for laboratory and pilot plant applications. We stand behind our products with outstanding customer service. Yogi Vindum started the company in 1987. He invented the constant-volume valve during work on the first continuous-flow dual-piston metering pump and is well known for his expertise in this area. Christa Vindum joined her father in 1999 and leads the company today. Throughout the ever-changing landscape of the petroleum and petrochemical industries, Vindum Engineering has remained close to its roots and commitment to developing excellent products, together with offering superb service to the customers who purchase them. Vindum Engineering products are proudly made in California and supplied to customers around the world. We thank the many customers who have supported VEI’s growth over the years and we look forward to developing new customer relationships in the years ahead.

Our Principles

Our growth and reputation have been built upon offering innovative products and delivering outstanding customer service. As a private company, we take a long term view of our customer relationships. We constantly seek to provide sound and honest advice regarding equipment options and strong attention to detail throughout the manufacturing and delivery process. The end result is superior value for our customers.

Helping You

Vindum Engineering is fortunate to include in its list of clients all the major oil and gas companies, many US and international universities, most of the petroleum service companies, and a large number of other companies across a spectrum of other industries dealing with high-pressure, high-temperature, and highly-accurate fluid flow processes. Drawing upon this experience and our expertise, we look forward to helping you select the right equipment for your specific needs, today and in the years ahead. Whether you are looking for small components, teaching equipment, or are sourcing equipment for an entire oil & gas testing lab, we will be here and happy to help you.

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