Vindum Pumps and Valves


During these challenging times Vindum Engineering remains ready to help with your equipment needs. For the safety of our customers we are disinfecting of all products before shipping, though we encourage you to do the same upon receiving your order. Thank you for your continued support.

Stay safe! Christa Vindum, President - Vindum Engineering Inc.

Vindum Engineering, Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of high-pressure, pulse-free, continuous-flow metering pumps and automated valves for laboratory research and pilot-plant applications. Founded in 1987, VEI has worked continuously to advance the design of the high-pressure syringe pump. The Vindum Constant Volume Valve (CV Valve) is a patented design developed in tandem with the first pulse-free, continuous-flow, dual-piston metering pump. Today, the Vindum CV Valve remains a staple of high-pressure laboratory work, due to its durability, rapid actuation, and adaptability to a wide range of applications and operating conditions.

VEI entered a new chapter in 2015, with the release of its VP-Series metering pumps. Designed and built in-house, the VP-Series pumps are the most advanced dual-piston, continuous-flow, laboratory pumps available today. Industry and University response to the VP-Series pumps has been very good, with a growing list of satisfied customers in countries across the globe. Our newest model is the VP-25k, the only dual-piston pump verified to deliver fluids pulse-free and continuously at 25,000 psi.

In 2016, VEI introduced a line of Hastelloy needle valves rated for 12,000 psi service. These small valves, designed for use with corrosive fluids, use the same O-ring seal design that has proven so durable in the Vindum CV valves. The MV valves and fittings continue VEI’s history of developing innovative high-pressure flow-control products that offer excellent performance and value.

VEI also sells oil & gas laboratory test equipment made by selective manufacturers, including Vinci Technologies (France), DMT (Germany), and NER (USA). The manufacturer of each product on our website is listed on the product page. We appreciate your visit and welcome all product inquires.