• July 2018: VEI introduces new 2-stem Hastelloy needle valve.  See Vindum Needle Valves / Specifications web page for photo and details.
  • May 2018: VEI introduces high-accuracy transducers for VP-Series pumps.  This line of transducers are accurate to 0.1% of full-scale, have Titanium process tip for corrosion protection, and are available in a range of pressures:  0-300 psi, 0-1,750 psi, 0-3,750 psi, 0-6,750 psi, 0-12,250 psi, 0-20,250 psi, and 0-25,250 psi.  The lower-pressure transducers are compatible with higher pressure pumps (up to VP-12k pump) and provide improved accuracy when working at lower pressures.  Contact Vindum Engineering for detailed specifications and any questions.
  • April 2018: VEI announces the addition of “Pressure/Rate Following” feature to its VPware pump-control software.  This feature links a “Follower Pump” to a  “Master Pump” so that the Follower Pump automatically tracks either the pressure or rate of the Master Pump as a percent or differential pressure/rate.  One application uses the Master Pump for coreflooding, with the Follower Pump maintaining the hydrostatic pressure of the coreholder as a function of the coreflood injection pressure.
  • March 2018: VEI announces release of recirculation software for VP-Series pumps.  This software is an add-on to the VPware pump control software.  Sold separately, the recirculation software is available for 2-phase and 3-phase experiments.