VIPR Syringe Pumps: High-Accuracy, High-Pressure, and Highly-Flexible

Vindum Engineering is proud to introduce our new VIPR-Series laboratory syringe pumps. Using our decades of pump design and manufacturing experience, we have designed the VIPR pumps to deliver best-in-class features and performance, in a smaller footprint, at very attractive pricing. VIPR pumps offer larger cylinder volumes and higher pumping rates than our VP-Series pumps, and the syringe piston design makes them the best choice for pumping supercritical fluids and gases. These pumps can be controlled using a PC with our VPware software or a number of other control options, including Modbus RTU, OPC UA, and simple analog/digital inputs and outputs. When equipped with Vindum's automated valves, two VIPR pumps can be easily paired for continuous, pulse-free pumping.

Click on the image below to explore all the features and capability of our VIPR syringe pumps.

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