Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies

Model Number: PC/RI

The PC/RI system allows for capillary pressure and resistivity index measurements by porous plate method on multiple core samples mounted in parallel. Tests are done at moderate temperature and overburden pressure. The set up determines the water saturation and resistivity of water saturated core samples at different capillary pressures in individual core holders. The drainage takes place while the plug is in a core holder under confining pressure. The drainage pressure is achieved by placing gas or oil under pressure on the inlet side of the core holder. A porous plate is placed at the lower end surface of the core to allow desaturation of the core. The amount of water produced is recorded in a volumetric burette placed to the outlet of the core holder. The capillary pressure is obtained by measuring the differential pressure between the inlet and outlet of the core sample while the electrical properties are measured by using a resistivity meter connected to the inlet and outlet of the core sample.

Categories: Routine Core Analysis, Electrical Properties

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