Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies

Model Number: EMULSEVAL

Emulsions are mixtures of normally immiscible fluids. In petroleum production process, they can naturally occur as a result of the flow conditions or be proactively created by means of additives. A multitude of factors influence emulsion phenomena and determining the optimal parameters is an arduous yet constructive task. The EMULSEVAL is a special apparatus utilized to study pipeline flow properties of water-oil emulsions over a wide scope of aqueous phase volume fractions, flow rates and temperatures. An artificially generated emulsion is subjected to a range of heat fluxes and shear rates typical of petroleum production processes. Essentially, the experimental conditions (temperature, flow rates, fluid composition) are pre-set; the pressure drop along the pipeline section is monitored and the control variables are incrementally varied to minimize pressure drop and optimize the production process.


Working temperature : ambient to 90°C
Working pressure : up 200 psi
Reynold's number : up to 90,000
Sample volume : 25 Liters
Flow rate: up to 90 liters/min
Pipeline external diameter : 1 inch
Pipeline internal diameter : 0.87 inch
Pipeline length : 3 meters
Wetted parts : Stainless steel
Shear rate: 1,450 s-1
Power supply: 380-400 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz


• Easy operations
• Provided with low shear pump

Categories: Flow Assurance Systems, Emulsions

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