Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies

Model Number: FSV Series

The FSV series vessel is specifically designed to stir large volume of fluid under pressure and temperature. The vessel consists of a cylindrical metal chamber equipped with a bolted sealed head and a manual bottom drain valve. It features an internal heavy duty stirring system, made of a motor drive magnetically coupled to an internal stirrer shaft with attached anchor for stirring viscous liquids. The head is provided with one hand operated valve, a thermocouple for measuring the temperature within the vessel, a pressure gauge and a safety burst disc. A control panel controls the motor speed drive for stirrer. Temperature and pressure transducers can be interfaced to the panel if there are needed. The unit can also be interfaced to a computer for remote control. The complete vessel is mounted on an easily moveable trolley with an optional chain pulley lifting system for lifting the head with minimum effort.

Categories: Special Core Analysis, Fluid Storage, Components, Flow Assurance Systems, Components

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